Der E-Basslehrer Gerold Heitbaum aus Dessau-Rosslau

Private lecturer for bass (since 1981)

Tel. 0049 - (0)1577 - 6468384

Bass lessons at Surround-Sound Studio
06844 Dessau-Rosslau

For beginners and advanced musicians, children and adults
Weekly lessons (excluding school and public holidays)
Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Prices on enquiry

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Bass lessons

Electric bass (4-string to 7-string)

Lesson contents

  • Chord symbols, tablature & notation
  • Music theory
  • Finger style, plectrum technique & slapping
  • Playing with a metronome
  • Improvisation
  • Jazz standards (Real Book)
  • Rock classics
  • Reggae (Bob Marley)
  • Software: Guitar Pro, Band-in-a-Box, Guitar Rig, Samplitude...

Popular songs: Sunshine Of Your Love, Autumn Leaves, Money, Blue Bossa, Just The Two Of Us, All Blues, Cantaloupe Island, Take Five, Cold Duck Time, Smoke On The Water etc.

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